Barkweaver is a small publishing house being set up initially to publish the folktales of the Nagas in a series of volumes. It hopes to proceed from there to publishing and making available Naga Literature to a global audience.

Barkweaver is committed to producing quality books showcasing Naga art and story-telling.

Barkweaver draws inspiration from the bark-weaving of women in the Naga villages, who harvest the bark of the nettle and weave a sturdy body-cloth out of it. It is one of the oldest ways of weaving being kept alive by a handful of women. Our efforts at storytelling in print imitate the solitary bark-weaver in whose nettle-cloths are woven, the stories of her village and her forests, the twin-cradle of our stories and culture.

Barkweaver is:

Dr. Easterine Kire

One of Nagaland’s foremost writers and poets, Easterine’s prolific career has brought her international acclaim and platform for sharing ideas intimate to Naga culture and beliefs, but which have few avenues of expression. She resides in Norway.

Michael Heneise

Michael is an anthropologist, artist and writer residing partly in Edinburgh, Scotland and partly in Kohima, Nagaland. As Director of the Institute of Ethnography and CoEditor of the South Asianist journal, his main interest lie in sociological research and writing.

Rokovor Vihienuo

Graphic designer.

Prof. Paul Pimomo

Professor of English at Central Washington University, Professor Pimono is a gifted expositor of the mechanics of literature and literary theory. His workshops are intended for seasoned writers and teachers of writing. He resides in the United States.

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